Empowering your data to drive growth

Case #1 - Consolidating your database

I have contacts from different sources and in different formats.

I would like to merge them to improve my prospection but I don't have time.

Audit of your database situation & formats

Objectives of the database: what do you want to achieve with it?

Work on the file & creation of an Excel backup

Choice of an online CRM

Integration with MailChimp to synchronise prospection & emailing campaigns efforts

I now have a unified & consolidated database I can use to communicate and to create better & personalised offers!

  • You increase your sales

  • You save time & energy

  • You become more efficient

  • You can anticipate your database's needs

Case #2 - How to communicate with your database?

I have a database with which I want to communicate.

But I don't know what to do and which tool to use.

Introduction to MailChimp

Implementation of a mailing strategy & planning

Database optimization for MailChimp

Campaigns creation & automation

Analysis of the results & next steps

I can regularly communicate with my database by sending them beautiful and professional mailings.

  • You save time

  • You save money

  • You increase your visibility

  • You increase your traffic

  • You increase your sales & information requests

Does this ring a bell?
Do you recognise yourself in these cases?
Let's empower your data together!