Well prepared event = increased sales

Case #1 - Attending a sales event or a tradeshow

I have a stand at a very important tradeshow and I am so stressed!

How should I organise myself to make this tradeshow a success?

Audit of the tools & strategy already implemented

Retro planning implementation with list of actions to do

Listing of all the documents / tools / products needed for the stand

Pre event communication preparation & automation

During the event & post event follow up

I now have the keys for the prefect tradeshow organisation. I am ready to welcome my new clients!

  • You gain time & energy

  • You increase your visibility

  • You increase your community

  • You increase your sales

  • You are not stressed anymore :) 

Does this ring a bell?
Do you recognise yourself in this situation?
Let's organise your next event together!