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Tailor-made individual marketing and communication coaching
My Marketing Toolbox

When we are entrepreneur, managing one’s company’s communication can be intimidating :

we are afraid to do something bad, to say things we shouldn’t… We can also feel overwhelmed by all the novelties and changes happening.


However, being able to communicate, to make one’s voice heard is paramount.


Your voice enables you to show that you exist. Your voice helps you to communicate with your clients and targets. Your voice is here to differenciate yourself and your offers from your competitors’.


Without your voice, you are not able to convey your messages clearly.

My Marketing Toolbox is a toolbox helping you to make your voice heard. 

Based on knowledge sharing, the objective is to teach you to create your own communication according to your needs.

How does it work?

After a discovery call during which you will explain me you needs, challenges, wills and objectives, I will offer you an action plan and a step by step coaching. At the end, you will have all the keys to manage by yourself your messages in line with your strategy and objectives. 


  • 1st discovery call to identify your issues and needs 

  • Preparation of a detailed 2-month, 4-month and/or 6-month coaching action plan, including each service provided, the objectives to reach and the anticipated results.

Should it be for punctual projects or for more in-depth tasks, My Marketing Toolbox is here to help you find (again) your voice and to make it heard.

By taking into consideration the existing actions and by taking into account the objectives, I will offer guidance on the following: 

  • Content creation 

  • Content strategy

  • Advice and coaching on content strategy 

  • Story-telling

  • Podcast launch and management

  • Setting up a communication and marketing strategy and/or revision of the current marketing and communication strategy 

  • Work on the editorial planning (blog, social media, website and offline if applicable) and on its annual, monthly and weekly declinations to meet the set objectives 

  • Event organisation (online and offline) : from the concept to the realisation

What is My Marketing Toolbox?

My Marketing Toolbox is a toolbox dedicated to cultural and social entrepreneurs and project promoters willing to positively contribute to the society. 


My Marketing Toolbox is a tailor-made services box in communication and marketing teaching you how to create your own communication and how to make your voice heard. 


Why this concept?


This concept is important for me as it works as a toolbox in which you choose only the services you need: 

A full or partial coaching during the timeframe needed to realise your projects.


This concept ensures flexibility, adaptability and reactivity.

Introducing “Make your voice heard!”
powered by My Marketing Toolbox!


Strategic part

  • Strategy and onboarding call

  • Audit of the current situation

  • Strategy definition

  • Objectives settings

  • Ideal clients profiles review

  • Messages and positioning redefinition


Organisation part

  • Creation of an activities planning

  • Weekly review and brainstorming sessions

  • Monthly end-of-the-month review

  • Organisation of a dedicated Drive/Dropbox folder for files sharing

  • If needed, set up of a workflow system


Communication part

  • Website, social media and digital marketing review

  • Offline activities review

  • Work on a weekly and monthly editorial planning

  • Assistance in content strategy and creation to attract your ideal consumers

  • Assistance in setting up a message consistency in all your platforms and website

  • Assistance in a podcast set up/management upon request


Your investment: 1500 EUR per month* + taxes when applicable


*A minimum of 3-month commitment is required.



You are committed to seriously work on your strategy to bring your business/project to the next level.

You are operating in the fashion, cultural, social sector and you are aiming at having a positive impact on the society.

You are looking for an external eye on your business, for a coach and advisor.

You are passionate about your mission.



You are looking for a virtual assistant to outsource and execute daily tasks.


You are not ready to commit for a minimum of 3-month collaboration together and to invest in it. 


You are not willing to perform "homeworks" between sessions for the sake of your business.

You are not passionate nor motivated enough.

  • Why do you require a minimum of 3-month commitment for your basic packages and additional services?
    A minimum of 3-month commitment is required to ensure consistency in the services done and to be able to scale results against your goals and adjust if necessary.
  • Do you only work with businesses?
    I work with people who are passionate by what they do: entrepreneurs, individuals working on a personal branding project or on a side project they are passionate about. The core should really be passion, commitment and the will to share.
  • I want my podcast’s episodes to also be available on my website. Is it possible?
    Yes, you can create a dedicated page for your podcast on your website where you can embed your podcast episodes’ feed. Alternatively, if you don’t want to have a dedicated page, you can just embed your podcast episodes’ feed on any page of your website, on the homepage for example.
  • Do you have your own podcast?
    Yes, I do have my own podcast. I launched it in February 2021. Its name is “My Fashion Stories Box Podcast”. I share my passion about fashion history, a topic I also teach in an international fashion school. I loved working on my own podcast so much that I decided to help podcasters and podcasters to be.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, you can have access to payment plans.

So, are you ready to make your voice heard?




An insight in My Marketing Toolbox Behind the Scenes, podcast visual diaries and other topics.



Listen to the latest episodes dealing with stories in fashion history by a bookovore and history nerd.


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