my background...



After a childhood spent wanting to be a vet, and considering a misunderstanding with math oriented subjects, young Catherine decided to learn a lot of languages and to travel the world...

Proudly Made In Tours


1995 - 1999

College Racan



... Until the moment she felt in love with the Ancient Egypt civilization in 6eme (1st high school year) and decided to be an egyptolog, started to learn the hieroglyfs and read all the Christian Jacques' books available at the CDI (high school library).

1999 - 2002

The "Bac" (Languages and Literature) in the pocket, young Catherine started to study Foreign Applied Languages, major English and Russian and tried to figure out in which sector she could apply these languages...

And then, young Catherine started to learn Russian. She felt under the charm of the Slavic culture and decided that one day, she will drink a hot chocolate at the Cafe Pouchkine in Moscow as in Gilbert Becaud's song...

Lycee Descartes



F. Rabelais Univesity



2002 - 2005

After a semester in Russia, discovering Samara, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (and yes, she did drunk her hot chocolate at the Cafe Pouchkine), young Catherine came back in France with the firm intention to be a specialist in the Russian culture and to go back again.

2005 - 2007

2007 - 2013

Rennes 2 - Haute Bretage Univesity



A Master in International Business with Eastern and Central European Countries and CIS countries in the pocket, and a job waiting for her, young Catherine left her hometown to start her new exciting adult life in Moscow.

Public Relations and then Marketing and Communications Manager @Mazars In Russia



For 7 years, including 2 internships, Catherine has been in charge of implementing from scratch the marketing and communications function in the Moscow-based office of the international audit and financial services group, Mazars.

With one office and 20 people at her very beginning, she left the company with 2 offices and more than 200 employees end of 2013.

She worked on interesting projects locally and at Group level, won an Award (yes yes), did comics, published a book (not her), discovered CSR and women empowerment, automation tools at their very beginning, organised dozens of events, participated in associations' committees and many other things.

2014 - 2015

No no it's not a mistake. It's indeed Istanbul, Turkey that you can read on the next Catherine's career step... 

But why? Well, as you may have guessed, Catherine felt in love again with a new culture and language and decided to try her luck in Istanbul (not just for the lokoums and Turkish tea and the beautiful views on the Bosphorus...).

International Marketing Manager @Akasya LTd



2015 - 2018

After more than a year developing the Turkish footwear brand, Darkwood, on international markets, Catherine joined EKRIA, a Turkish luxury jewelry and fashion accessories brand where she implemented and automated marketing actions and where her creative dispositions have been motivated by an artistic environment.

Marketing Manager @E AKSESUAR TASARIM LTd



2019 - ...

Founder of My Marketing Toolbox

Teacher @The French Institute

Lecturer and academic coordinator @IFA Paris



2019 is the start of a new journey for Catherine, the entrepreneurial journel, with the official creation of My Marketing Toolbox.

Pushed by her desires to always learn and explore new things, she combines her marketing knowledges with her new passion, teaching and sharing, while trying to remain in the fashion industry and focus on social oriented projects.

Her new challenge: drawing comics...