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You dream about having your own podcast but you are a bit confused about where to start from, what to think about and the possible outcomes for your business/activity?


I know, I know…


Lately, it seems to you that everybody has a podcast, everybody is a podcaster. How do they do?? Where do they find the time to do it??


You too, at some points, had the idea to have you own podcast. You may even have started to do some researches on that direction.


But, between running your business, dealing with your own activities and works, not to forget to have a life and enjoy it, you just thought it was one of those trendy but time-consuming communication tools to have. And you didn’t see the point to burden yourself with the set-up and running of another communication action for which you won’t have the time and resources in the long run.

So, you left it as a potential good resolution to do when you have time for it, at the very bottom of your increasing to-do list.

But, what if launching and running a podcast wasn’t as scary and time-consuming as it seems to be?

Let’s just imagine for a moment what you could do with a podcast…

  • You could engage and federate your community around topics and interests you share.

  • You could increase your audience reach and, consequently, your business or activity, by focusing on what makes you unique, different.

  • You could go beyond the traditional communication ways and create more opportunities to interact with your ideal clients.

All of this by only focusing on the fun part of having a podcast:
preparing and recording your episodes.

  • You won’t need to deal with all the technical aspects as editing or managing the backend of your podcast.

  • You won’t need to stress about having your podcast publishing on time on the right platforms.

  • You won’t need to worry about the organizational aspects of having a podcast and, thus, forgetting something.

And, let’s just imagine that in 2-month time, your podcast could be out and running its first 3 episodes…

Sounds crazy, right?

But it is the time it took me to launch my own podcast about fashion history, “My Fashion Stories Box Podcast”.

I started to work on the idea of having a podcast to share my passion about fashion history in December 2020. And, in February 2021, my trailer and first 3 episodes were out.


I did it all by myself, trying and learning on the way. And, I had so much fun working on my own podcast launch that I wanted to share it and help other podcasters-to-be.


Do you want to follow my lead and make your podcast dream a reality that will enhance your reach and authority?

Introducing “My Podcast Launch Kit”
powered by My Marketing Toolbox!


Strategic part

  • Strategy and onboarding call

  • Podcast objectives, targets and messages definition

  • Creation of the podcast concept

  • Brainstorming session about the podcast content topics

  • Podcast editorial line elaboration

  • Assistance in writing the trailer and the first 3 episodes’ scripts


Organisation part

  • Creation of a launch plan

  • Organisation of a dedicated Drive/Dropbox folder for files sharing

  • Set up of a workflow system with Trello


Branding part

  • Work on the podcast branding

  • Work on the podcast audio identity

  • Graphic assistance in:

    • The podcast cover art

    • 1 audiogram template for social media feeds

    • 1 audiogram template for social media stories

    • Coming soon podcast release announcement

    • Social Media carousel template

    • Social Media Stories template

    • Social Media quote template


Editing part

  • Recommendation on tools for podcast recording episodes and training

  • Trailer episode editing

  • Intro and outro editing

  • First 3 episodes editing

  • Creation of 1 audiogram per episode


Communication part

  • Hosting platform set up

  • Submission of your podcast’s episodes to podcast plateforms as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon.

  • Category selection for podcast plateforms

  • Episode Analytics spreadsheet

  • Creation of your podcast pitch presentation

  • Work on keywords for your podcast

  • 1 launch announcement blogpost copy and publishing on your website

  • Creation of a dedicated page on your website for your podcast with your episodes’ feeds.


Your investment: 1500 EUR for 2 months* + taxes when applicable


*After the podcast launch, a minimum of 3-month commitment is required for one of the packages available (My Podcast Basics Package, My Podcast Basics + Package, My Additional Podcast Management Services)



You are passionate about what you do and you want to increase your reach and authority.

You want to bring your business/activity to the next level by attracting your ideal clients with contents relevant to them.

You are serious about having a podcast and you see it as a long-term relationship.

You are ready to commit to a minimum of 5-month work: 2 months for the launch of your podcast and a minimum of 3 months commitments to one of the “My Podcast Box” packages.



You are not serious about your podcast and you don’t want to release episodes and communicating on them consistently and regularly.


You are not ready to commit for a minimum of 5-month work together. It takes time and consistency to launch a successful podcast and long-term commitment is key.


You are too busy you don’t even have time to record your episodes. The minimum investment that we will be asking from you is working on your scripts and recording your episodes. If this is not possible for you and/or if we have to constantly chase you up, then it won’t work out. We value our time the same way we value your time. And, as the saying goes: “Time is money”.

  • Why do you require a minimum of 3-month commitment for your basic packages and additional services?
    A minimum of 3-month commitment is required to ensure consistency in the services done and to be able to scale results against your goals and adjust if necessary.
  • Do you only work with businesses?
    I work with people who are passionate by what they do: entrepreneurs, individuals working on a personal branding project or on a side project they are passionate about. The core should really be passion, commitment and the will to share.
  • I want my podcast’s episodes to also be available on my website. Is it possible?
    Yes, you can create a dedicated page for your podcast on your website where you can embed your podcast episodes’ feed. Alternatively, if you don’t want to have a dedicated page, you can just embed your podcast episodes’ feed on any page of your website, on the homepage for example.
  • Do you have your own podcast?
    Yes, I do have my own podcast. I launched it in February 2021. Its name is “My Fashion Stories Box Podcast”. I share my passion about fashion history, a topic I also teach in an international fashion school. I loved working on my own podcast so much that I decided to help podcasters and podcasters to be.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, you can have access to payment plans.

So, are you ready to start working on your dream podcast?




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