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“Fashion Brands’ podcasts: The Case Studies Box by My Marketing Toolbox”: Women’s Perspectives

For the second edition of “Fashion Brands’ podcasts: The Case Studies Box by My Marketing Toolbox”, we will study one of the podcasts launched by Cartier: “Women’s Perspectives”.

You can find the first case study dedicated on Dior with the analysis of their podcast “Dior Talks” at this link .

“Fashion Brands’ podcasts: The Case Studies Box by My Marketing Toolbox”: Women’s Perspectives - Cartier Conversations

As a reminder, this monthly exercise aims at analysing a podcast launched by a fashion/luxury brand to understand better how podcasting can be used to increase your reach, foster your community, and, consequently, develop your sales.

This case study will be composed of 4 main parts:

  • The podcast identity card

  • What worked well

  • What could be improved

  • The main lessons to learn

Disclaimer. The information and interpretation I am going to share in this new project are my own personal analysis of this brand’s podcast, based on my knowledge of the brand, the fashion and luxury sector, the marketing, and more precisely the podcasting industry. And, of course, based on my own sensibilities. It doesn’t aim at being completely objective and you have the right to disagree with my analysis. In all cases, I would be happy to exchange with you on your own interpretation of the podcast “Women’s Perspectives”.

Women’s Perspectives - Podcast Identity card

  • Name of the podcast: Women’s Perspectives

  • Brand: Cartier in collaboration with Human Humans and Victor et Simon

  • Podcast description: “Building on Cartier’s commitment to women changemakers and female empowerment, this podcast invites the public to meet exceptional characters in conversation with the host Farida Khelfa.”

  • Format: Interviews of people about female commitment and impact in the society conducted by Farida Khelfa

  • Quantity of seasons: 1

  • Total quantity of episodes: 5

  • Episode average duration: 20 minutes

  • Podcast main topic: Feminism

  • Language: English

  • First episode release date: April 28 2022

  • Last episode release date: July 28 2022

  • Podcast objective: Branding

  • Podcast target audience: People willing to discover personalities’ engagement and point of view regarding women and women empowerment.

  • Where to listen to the podcast: Spotify, Dedicated page on the corporate website of the brand

What worked well...

  • The interview concept is a format appropriate for this type of podcast. The fact that the host is not someone from Cartier makes the podcast not a brand podcast per se and contributes to the soft branding of the brand.

  • The fact that they don’t focus on interviewing only women, there is also one man interviewed, no other than Rami Malek, but still. It really reinforces the idea that feminism is not about women only, but the role of men is also essential to reach equality of chances.

  • The depth of the interviews. It’s not superficial, it really goes into details and we can learn more about the people interviewed.

  • The sound quality is perfect.

  • The duration of each episode, an average of 20 minutes, is also perfect for people to listen to when they commute for example.

What could be improved...

  • The main thing which could have been improved is the regularity. In various communications I read, they aimed at 1 interview per monthly, so a monthly publication. In practice, there were 2 episodes in April, 1 in May, 1 in June, 1 in July and then it disappeared. No more episodes since July 2022.

  • This irregularity and disappearance of the podcast after only 5 episodes, not even a complete season, make me wonder about the finality of this communication action. What was the objective of the brand to launch this podcast? Was it just in relations with the Women’s Pavilion th brand sponsored during the Expo 2020 in Dubai? Why did they stop the podcast so soon? Was it a question of budget, visibility, quantity of downloads/listeners?

  • The name of the podcast itself is a bit too common. When I typed “Women’s Perspective Podcast” as a keyword, another podcast, not from Cartier came out. Using “Cartier Conversations” as the main title of their podcast would have linked it more to the brand and made it more discoverable

  • The podcast diffusion is also too restrictive. You can find it only on Spotify. The podcast is not available on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts and you really have to dive deep in the brand’s website to find it.

Main lessons to learn from Women’s Perspectives...

  • Research the availability of your name beforehand. Before launching your podcast, do a research with the name you plan to use to see if it’s not already used. If yes, then try to change it in order to make sure than when people will look for your podcast, they will find it and not the podcast of someone else.

  • Work on the finality of your podcast. What is the real reason you want to launch a podcast? Is it just a marketing action to jump on a trend or do you have a deeper goal in mind? Without clear long term objectives, your podcast won’t last long and, at the first difficulty you will encounter, you will stop it, creating the frustration among the people who were listening to it and expecting the next episodes.

  • Don’t launch a podcast for the sake of launching a podcast. Podcasting is not the last communication trend you need to have, the same way you could use filters or music on your Reels on Instagram or TikTok. Make sure, beforehand, that you have the time, resources (human and monetary) and energy available to last, at least, one season.

  • Work on your communication. Announcing that you have a new podcast is not enough when it comes to communication. To raise the interest of people, you will need to tease them with a countdown for example. Then, on the launch day, you need to have 2 to 3 episodes already. And, after, for each episode, you need to announce the future episode, giving a teaser to people to be curious about your next topic. Then, prepare an audiogram, some main highlights of your episode, a quote of your episode. Share it on each social profile you have. If you have press contacts, send them the links, your media kit, so that they can also mention your podcast. It’s a lot of work, I’ll admit it. However, this is the only way you will make people discover your podcast and listen to it.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by this podcast and the other podcasts' attempts Cartier has been doing the past years. Not by the quality of the contents, on the contrary, the different podcasts from the brand I have been listening, were always been high quality contents and gave me the will to discover more about the history, the values, the missions of Cartier. What I was disappointed with was the sudden stop of each of their attempts, after few months, to few months later, launching a new podcast. There is no regularity, seemingly no big previous research, more the result of the spur of the moment, and it is as if the brand is still looking for itself and the positioning it wants to have in the podcasting industry.

Did you to listen Women’s Perspectives from Cartier? Do you agree with this analysis? Feel free to share your impressions with me.

Do you feel inspired to launch your own podcast? For starters, you can check out my article “What you need to create your podcast free of charge (or almost)” and download your “Podcast Starting Kit Cheat Sheet”.

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Happy podcasting!

Cath @MyMarketingToolbox

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