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Introducing “In the BOX”, My Marketing Toolbox monthly newsletter

It’s Back to School preparation in full swing at My Marketing Toolbox! I have been working on this project for a while already and finally found time this Summer to finalise it.

Let me introduce you to “In the BOX”, the new monthly newsletter from My Marketing Toolbox.

In the BOX - My Marketing Toolbox monthly newsletter

“In the BOX”?! Again a box?!

As you could already noticed, I like playing with the word “Box” in my names (My Marketing Toolbox, My Fashion Stories Box...).

As a very organised person but at the same time very disorganised, I like having my stuff put in beautiful boxes. It’s visually pleasing and very satisfying.

On the other hand, I know the society has been trying to put people into boxes for convenience. However, I never managed to fit in any box the society had in store for me. So I created my own boxes, to my dimensions, in which I can be joyfully out of the box 🤓

What is it to be about?

“In the BOX”, Your monthly dose of inspiration from your communicator, podcaster, and fashion history nerd Catherine.

This is to give you briefly an idea of the programme…

In my “In the BOX” newsletter, I will cover topics linked with podcasting, communication, marketing and fashion in general.

The newsletter will be organised a bit like a magazine (with a big inspiration from fashion magazines) with monthly issues (The September Issue, poke Anna Wintour, The October Issue, and so on).

The main categories will be the following ones:

  • In the previous episode of “In the BOX”...

In this part, I will summarize what happened during the previous month in terms of posts on the blog, podcast episodes, events…

  • What’s new this month…

Here, the focus will be put on the project for the coming month: new posts on the blog, new podcast episodes, new events… It will be a bit like the programme of the month with the main dates.

  • Behind the scenes…

This part will give you some insights about what my life as an entrepreneur looks like, my (many) side projects and passions and my cats.

  • My favourites of the month…

Here, I will talk more about what I tested, what I liked, the people I met, the events I attended that helped me to broaden my horizon, exhibitions I attended, podcasts I listened to and that I can recommend to you.

  • My reading list…:

All the books or articles I read (business, personal development, marketing, communication, fashion related, fiction,...) and that I think will be interesting for you too.

  • In the next episode of “In the BOX”...

You will learn here the main announcements/projects I plan for the coming month.

How will it look like?

“In the BOX” is a monthly newsletter scheduled to be sent every 5th of the month. The first issue will be sent on September, 5th 2022.

How can we subscribe to “In the BOX”?

You can subscribe to “In the BOX” by joining My Marketing Toolbox mailing list at the link here.

Don’t forget to choose the language you want to receive the newsletter in! Indeed, “In the BOX” will be available in English AND in French.

I hope you will enjoy this monthly newsletter and the topics I will talk about in it. I also hope this newsletter will enable us to have interactions as I would like you to be part of the editorial team and communicate with me the contents/subjects you would like me to talk about.

See you there!

Cath @MyMarketingToolbox

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