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Introducing My Fashion Stories Box Podcast

Ladies and gentlemen! Your attention please!

Welcome My Fashion Stories Box Podcast, powered by My Marketing Toolbox!

In my last post I told you about the end of 2020 offering me ideas and a new project I was working on.

I am so happy to finally announce it!

Here is my podcast My Fashion Stories Box.

Why a podcast?

Last year, I started to listen to podcasts and I really enjoyed the format. You can listen to it while cleaning, cooking, chilling, walking… It’s a very versatile format and I ended up telling to myself, well, why not trying.

And, as I kind of prefer my voice to seeing my face, I opted for an audio format over a video one.

What is it to be about?

This podcast will be about fashion history, how people used to dress over the ages.

I also want to speak about traditional costumes around the globe.

It will be short stories on different periods, dedicated to different times in which you will learn funny, sometimes unexpected facts about fashion items, about the origins of what we wear today and the interaction between fashion, economic, political and artistic movements.

In short, it will be a podcast about stories in fashion history but my way :) Expect personal points of view, fantasy and personal experiences!

Why fashion history?

I started to teach fashion history 3 years ago in a fashion school in Istanbul. Being a history nerd, a "bookovore" and passionate about fashion, I thought, well, why not sharing all of these to a wider audience.

I was also encouraged by the positive feedbacks I had from my students, on how they really liked our history classes. I also liked to see their reactions, to challenge their perceptions and to do all the researches to prepare my classes.

I know that, usually, people think that history is boring. But, I had so many people interested by the topic each time I was saying I was teaching fashion history, that I understood there was an interest.

And fashion has always been a source of interest and curiosity…

How will it look like?

It will be weekly episodes of 15-20 minutes in average.

I will share visuals complementing each episode on my Instagram account and posts will be dedicated to topics on the podcast on My Blog Box in My Fashion Stories Box category.

Where can we find the podcast?

My Fashion Stories Box podcast is available on all podcast platforms:

  • Spotify

  • Apple

  • Google Play (in process)

  • And more to come!

And you can access all the episodes on the website at My Fashion Stories Box podcast:

I hope you will enjoy these episodes, learn new things and get curious about fashion history :)

Feel free to follow the podcast on your favorite podcast platform, on social media and on the blog for a visual diary alongside with each episode.

See you there!

Cath MyMarketingToolbox

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