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My Fashion Stories Box Podcast Top 5 episodes, July 2022 edition

Dear fashion stories lovers, it’s time for the 2nd My Fashion Stories Box Podcast Top 5! Launched in February 2021, a first Top 5 has been released last year in August. Let’s see your favorite episodes for this new Top 5 edition!

My Fashion Stories Box Podcast TOP 5 - July 2022

  • 1st place: Episode 11 - Fashion Stories and the Striped Breton mariniere

Now an iconic piece in any fashionista’s wardrobe thanks to Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Paul Gauthier among others, the striped Breton top won your heart in this 2nd Top 5 of My Fashion Stories Box Podcast.

What are the origins of this outfit? What might be the meanings of the stripes? How did it become a fashion must-have? Discover the answers to these questions and more by (re)listening to the podcast’s episode.

Episode's trailer:

  • 2nd place: Episode 19 - Fashions Stories, Pants and Women: a symbol of emancipation

A more political episode maybe in which I tried to understand the symbolism linked with pants and why, for such a long time, women weren’t allowed to wear them. It was interesting for me to see that, in these troubled times when women’s rights and freedom seem to be challenged, understanding how fashion and what we wear could influence our position in the society. And that, as an audience, you were also sensitive to that fact and willing to dive in the past to understand the present.

(Re) listen to the episode and never take for granted what we have. Wearing pants doesn’t come with second thoughts nowadays. In the past, wearing pants was an act of rebellion for women.

Episode's trailer:

  • 3rd place: Episode 1 - Fashion Stories in Ancient Egypt

It’s a classic but classics don’t lie right? Ancient Egypt was, is and always will be a source of inspiration, wonders and amazement for everybody, fashion designers included.

This episode has also a dedicated post on My Blog Box for a complete visual diary alongside with the episode. And you can (re) listen to it in your favorite podcasts’ platform.

Episode's trailer:

  • 4th place: Episode 14 - Fashion Stories and the story of the wedding dress

What would be a wedding without a wedding dress? No matter your style and preferences, you certainly thought about the perfect dress for this unique day. If you wondered why we tend to wear white for weddings, this podcast episode is for you. In this episode, I cover the past practices linked with getting married from the dress point of view and how a queen revolutionised the wedding dresses.

Head up to your favorite podcast streaming platform to (re) discover this episode.

Episode's trailer:

  • 5th place: Episode 6 - Fashion Stories and The First Designer of History was a woman

Rose Bertin, the Minister of Fashion of Marie-Antoinette, is still part of your favorites in this 2nd Top 5. A woman, a marchande de mode, who was powerful enough to dictate fashion trends to the last queen of France and then to the first empress of France. And this, even before the first recognised fashion designer, Charles Frederick Worth. A fascinating woman, right?

(Re) listen to the episode dedicated to Rose Bertin, the first designer in History.

Episode's trailer:

And this is the end of My Fashion Stories Box’s second TOP 5!

Once again, a big thank you to all of you who followed, and started to follow me on this exciting adventure. Regularity wasn’t always there. It takes time, as you can imagine, to prepare each episode. Nevertheless, you were still there waiting, expecting and listening. So thank you for your patience and attention.

My Fashion Stories Box Podcast will go on this Summer. I am working on 2 episodes for August and it will go on in September with 2 episodes per month to ensure regularity.

Do you have a particular fashion style you like? Or maybe a period of time you would like me to analyze on a future episode?

Feel free to share with me any of your ideas and/or suggestions for future episodes of My Fashion Stories Box Podcast.

And follow the dedicated podcast account on Instagram for announcements, episode’s trailers and visual diaries.

I wish you all a great Summer. Take care of yourself. Chill, read and don’t forget to listen to My Fashion Stories Box Podcast, now available on all podcast streaming platforms.

See you soon!

Cath @MyMarketingToolbox

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