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Podcast launch & management


After spending my first lockdown listening to podcasts, I enjoyed the format so much that I decided to give it a try.

I was looking for a way to share my passion for fashion history. And, what I liked the most about the podcast format, was that you can listen to it while doing other manual activities as cooking, cleaning, ironing or walking, jogging and so on.

I did some online researches as what kind of equipments and software were needed and the basics about podcasting. I completed everything with my "tech" side and marketing experience. And voilà! In February 2021, the first 3 episodes of My Fashion Stories Box were airing!

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One of the things I love is to gather people, to create connections. In Istanbul, I had the chance to meet people and friends who had the same interests.

The first initiative I co-organised with my friend Anastasia is CATANA ISTANBUL.

CATANA ISTANBUL is a clothing and accessories swap event aiming at raising awareness about the negative effects of fast fashion as well as promoting circular fashion and other sustainable fashion alternatives.

We worked on finding venues, on developing a visual identity and concept to show that second-hand clothes could be sexy. During the events, I was creating looks on Samantha, our mannequin, to attract people and give them styling ideas.



DRINK & DRAW ISTANBUL is a gathering of people around art and wine. This was a concept I discovered by in Moscow and I always liked to attend these events, even though I didn't know how to draw. It was a great way to experiment new things and to socialise with like-minded people.

I was looking to organise such events in Istanbul but I needed an artist to deal with the technical aspects of drawing, to explain some theories to participants. And then I met with Veronique, an artist and fashion illustrator based in Istanbul.

Each event had a theme for which I would prepare a short presentation and examples of paintings and drawings to take inspiration from.

People were learning and experimenting while meeting new people.




I started my teaching career almost by chance. It wasn't something planned or something I might be good at.

At a networking event in Istanbul, I met the representative of a French fashion school. They had a campus in Istanbul where, at that time, they were offering MBA programs. This person was looking for a lecturer to teach one of their courses and he gave me the opportunity. When the Istanbul campus started to grow and added Bachelor programs, I went on lecturing: Fashion History, Introduction to Fashion Marketing, Digital Marketing, Branding,...

In parallel, I started to give French classes, first for the French Institute and then private classes. All while working! I learned to efficiently manage my time and schedule.

I now go on teaching online for the fashion school's Istanbul campus and started to teach for the Paris one too.

These experiences taught me patience, respect, organisation but also how to create courses structures and deliver knowledge in an attractive way and to convey complex notions in a simple manner.

Industry expertise


After graduating, I started my career in the communication and marketing sector in Moscow. I was in charge of implementing communication and marketing strategies for the Moscow office of a French audit and financial services group. Guided by the head office's communication and marketing department, I set up internal communication, external communication, relations with leading universities, partnerships with professional associations, press, cultural sponsorships, events and digital marketing. After 7 years, I had a complete overview of what is included in marketing and I worked on inspiring projects as the comics project "The Adventures of Ivan and Natasha Mazarov" for internal communication (for which I even obtained an award), the organisation of road trips and events around the topic of diversity and gender equality.

My marketing career went on in Istanbul, this time, first in the fashion sector where I worked for a footwear company for which I was in charge of their international marketing. Then, I worked for a jewelry designer. I was in charge of marketing, showroom management, digital strategy and, at the end, of production and quality control. These two experiences showed me the sparkling side of fashion, but also its dark side, its impact on the environment and society and it led to my wish to, at my level, using marketing and communication to raise awareness on the impact of fashion at large and to try to change it. 

I participated in sustainable fashion events and associations and ended up co-organising swap events.

Deciding that I wanted to have a bigger impact and to help more people, I launched My Marketing Toolbox. I have been helping entrepreneurs in the artistic, coaching and education sectors to make their voice heard and spread their messages in order to change the world and make the world a better place to live.


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