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Case #1 - You launched your activity but you feel lost with your marketing

I launched my activity and I have regular clients & requests.

But now I am a bit lost, spending a lot of time on a lot of things. I have the impression to go nowhere.

Audit of your brand & tools

Issues, needs, brakes & objectives assessment

Work on the positioning & ideal clients

Implementation of a strategy with clear objectives

Implementation of a marketing and prospection planning & tools

I now have a precise strategy with objectives. My marketing and prospection actions are consolidated. I am more efficient and have more time for my business. I know where I go.

  • You increase your sales & reputation

  • You increase your visibility

  • You save time & energy

  • You are not alone anymore to share your worries :)

Case #2 - Getting know...

I just launched my activity with a website, blog & social profiles.

How can I make a name for myself, getting known & recognised?

Audit of the strategy & objectives

Benchmark of places (online & offline) where to find potential clients

Implementation of a content strategy & planning

Finding the right way to talk to the target

Creation of a community by attending events, being part of associations, organising events & creating partnerships.

  • You increase your visibility

  • You increase your community & reach

  • You increase your sales & informations requests

People contact me on social media, on my website, after an event or via word to mouth to ask more information about my activity.

Does this ring a bell?
Do you recognise yourself in these cases?
let's bring your marketing to the next level!