Optimizing your online visibility

Case #1 - You & your website

Audit of your needs & competition benchmark

Work on the structure & content SEO optimised

Introduction to WIX & training

Desktop & mobile versions creation with WIX

Online publication & Google Analytics set up

I have a beautiful website which increases my online visibility, brings me clients & which I can update without being a guru in coding!

  • You save time

  • You save money

  • You increase your visibility

  • You increase your reach & reputation

  • You increase your sales & community

I need a website.

But I don't know coding....

And I don't know how to structure it...

Case #2 - You have a website but no time to update it

I have a website and people can find me online.

But I don't have time to update it as often as I wish...

Audit of your website & offer to improve traffic and interactivity

Update needs assessment

Copywriting needs assessment

SEO & keywords optimisation assessment

Google Analytics results' analysis

My website is now regularly updated, which shows that my brand is serious and active.

Moreover, my traffic increases, as do the mailing list's signups.

  • You increase your online reputation

  • You increase your community

  • You increase your sales

  • You save time & energy

  • You save money

Does this ring a bell?
Do you recognise yourself in these cases?
Let's work on your online presence together!