Creative and out of the box answers...


I am Catherine. I am a professional in communications and marketing matters with 10 years of experience abroad (Russia and Turkey).

I am passionated by culture, languages and marketing and I am lucky to be able to mix these three passions in my professional path.

I speak fluently French, English and Russian. And I manage to communicate in Turkish. I also can understand German and Polish.

I am also an art lover. I will run to any kind of exhibitions and festivals and speak to any artistic oriented people to develop my creative and out of the box thinking. This is how I feel inspired and add an arty and creative touch in all my marketing and communications answers.

And I like building, testing and developing. This has even been the main characteristic of my professional journey since the start of my career in marketing and communication. And I made this characteristic my speciality and my professional ambitions: helping and guiding people in their first marketing steps, putting them on the marketing and communications track and offering them useful, easy-to-use and tailor-made tools and answers. But always with a creative and, maybe, silly touch to make the marketing game more interesting and not just a list of emails in a cold Excel file... :)

Getting curious about to what extend I can be a creative and a bit silly marketing and communications artist?

For that, check my Background. You will learn a bit more about the life and professional experiences that made me well me.

My Skills will give you an insight of what I know. While My Projects will give you some examples of tasks and assignments I realized.

Thank you for reading me and welcome to my fabulous marketing world!

I hope you will like it here...

To continue the discussion, feel free to contact me.