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  • Why do you require a minimum of 3-month commitment for your basic packages and additional services?
    A minimum of 3-month commitment is required to ensure consistency in the services done and to be able to scale results against your goals and adjust if necessary.
  • Do you only work with businesses?
    I work with people who are passionate by what they do: entrepreneurs, individuals working on a personal branding project or on a side project they are passionate about. The core should really be passion, commitment and the will to share.
  • I want my podcast’s episodes to also be available on my website. Is it possible?
    Yes, you can create a dedicated page for your podcast on your website where you can embed your podcast episodes’ feed. Alternatively, if you don’t want to have a dedicated page, you can just embed your podcast episodes’ feed on any page of your website, on the homepage for example.
  • Do you have your own podcast?
    Yes, I do have my own podcast. I launched it in February 2021. Its name is “My Fashion Stories Box Podcast”. I share my passion about fashion history, a topic I also teach in an international fashion school. I loved working on my own podcast so much that I decided to help podcasters and podcasters to be.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, you can have access to payment plans.

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