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You are thinking about launching your podcast? Here’s why Summer is the best time to work on your podcast…

Launch your podcast this summer with My Marketing Toolbox
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Longer days… Warmer weather… Lazy days lying on the beach… Summer is here! We feel reenergized, more relaxed. Our mind is freer and new projects and ideas emerge. Why not taking the opportunity of this slower period of time to turn your podcast dreams into reality? Between deeps in the swimming pool and cocktails at sunset, let’s see together what are the advantages of the summer months to work on your podcast project…  

You are on vacation and your brain takes a break from your daily working life and stress. Relaxed, not under pressure to meet deadlines, you can take time to:

  • Work on the objectives of your podcast project

  • Define the target audience of your podcast

  • Work on its concept, main messages, format and frequency

  • Determine how this project is aligned with your overall marketing strategy

  • Weighting the pros and cons of adding a podcast depending on your resources

As your schedule empties itself, you don’t have to rush after time and you can really enjoy the process of benchmarking.

  • Investigate existing podcasts similar to your project and listen to them.

  • List what you like, don’t like as a listener to identify good and bad practices.

  • List topic ideas to cover in your future episodes based on what’s currently lacking in your sphere, how you can provide a better added value content

As the days are less busy and, at the same time, longer, take this as an opportunity to anticipate everything that can be anticipated for when you will have less time.

  • Map your content with the creation of your podcast editorial line for the coming months, including the publishing frequency and the topics of your episodes.

  • Consolidate your general marketing content planning with your podcast editorial line.

  • Write the script of your forecasted episodes for the coming months.

  • Batch record and edit them.

  • Craft all your communication to promote your podcast and its episodes (social media posts, blog, press releases, PR contact list, podcast media kit to share with the media, potential sponsors, hosts and guests)

September is the “back to school” period and quite a busy one. It’s the beginning of the last part of the year and the last moment to launch a project for the finishing year. It’s a bit like a second New Year with its own set of resolutions. Business is reactivated. Days start to get busier. You run after deadlines. Time becomes a luxury. By working on your podcast project during the summer months, you will have everything ready for September:

  • Your launching plan

  • Your content calendar

  • Your episodes and communication ready to be rolled out

Ready to launch your podcast?

Summer is the perfect time to take the plunge and start your podcast journey. With My Marketing Toolbox, you’ll have expert guidance and a comprehensive plan to ensure your podcast stands out. Don’t wait! Contact me today to learn more about my offers to take the most of this summer.

Did you find this article useful? Feel free to share your opinions with me!

Happy reading!

Cath @MyMarketingToolbox

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