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Do I really need to work on the visual identity of my brand? I am not a multinational… yet.

When you launch your business, you have to think about so many things in the same time that your brand’s visual identity is not something that will pop up right away. And you will just start to deal with it the moment you will work on your website: which colors shall I pick, which fonts shall I use… It is usually a bit too late…

Me and my brand's visual identity post

Your brand’s visual identity is maybe as important as your buyer persona. And you should try to think about it as soon as possible.

But, before starting, let’s see together what a brand’s visual identity can be…

Think of your brand’s visual identity as the style and look of your brand, no matter what brand it is, products or services, or your activity sector.

You have a style right? A way to dress up, a way to behave, a way to talk and walk. You also have certainly favorite colors.

The same is applicable to your business. Its visual identity will translate its personality through visual elements as colors, fonts and the type of photos and illustrations you will use.

The definition of a visual identity could be as follow:

"The visual identity of a brand corresponds to all the graphic elements that the brand will use in all its communication support."

And these graphic elements should be the same, no matter the communication support…

Why? Because this visual identity’s goal is to help people recognise your brand and to spread its values.

Here are a list of elements included in a brand’s visual identity kit:

  • the logo

  • the colors

  • the fonts

  • the photos, pictures, illustrations

  • the graphic elements, icons

  • the layout

And where am I going to use my brand’s visual identity?

Well, everywhere in fact. It’s difficult to give you an exhaustive list but here is from where to start with:

  • your website and blog

  • your social media profiles

  • your newsletters

  • your mail signature

  • your portfolio

  • your media kit

  • your visit cards

  • your stationary (headletters, envelops)

  • your products’ labels

  • your packaging

  • your brochures, flyers, leaflets, posters

  • your “Thank you” cards

  • your stamps, stickers

  • your proposals, agreements, invoices

  • your ads (online and offline)

  • your stand

Yes, you read well. EVERYWHERE your brand is going to be seen, you should apply its style and look.

“I see your point Cath, you are going to tell me, but this is ok for big brands! I am small. I don’t really need it.”

And you are going to be wrong.

A visual identity is not a question of size.

Don’t forget that you just have one chance to make a first impression.

And this first impression should be perfect in all these small details…

We all need a visual identity, not just brands. Remember what I was saying at the beginning of this article about your own look?

You, as a person, have a look, a style, a way that makes you different from all the others and that makes you recognisable.

Your brand also needs to be visually recognised by your clients and targets, no matter your size and where you are in your project’s development.

Always keep in mind that your brand is going to be the first thing your clients and future clients will associate with your products or services.

So take a good care of it :)

Cath @MyMarketingaToolbox

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