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I want to send a great newsletter! But I don't have any budget for that…What can I do?

10 reasons why you should adopt MailChimp…

Once upon a time when I was working in Moscow as a marketing and communications manager, I had a big dream… I dreamt about sending beautiful newsletters with beautiful designs and links to the website and pdf documents… And not these Outlook messages I was preparing with images and which lost their layout, depending on the Internet connection and email providers…

Ah and I forgot about mass mailings with some “publipostage” (mailshots) from Word and Excel linked to your Outlook…

One day, one of the departments’ director of the company I was working for, asked me to send personalised emails with PDF enclosed to a contact list of 1000 (!!!) contacts. I had no choice than to send them one by one…

Yes, it took me days… And it was just before Christmas…

I was looking at the newsletters I received from professional associations. They looked so professional compared to what I was sending…

I asked one of my friends who worked in one of these associations: “What do you use to prepare these nice messages?”. She explained me that they were outsourcing this function and gave me the name of the agency they were working with.

Pretty good… My only imperative was that I didn’t have any budget for that and the money that agency was asking was, of course, too high…

So I came back to my prehistoric publipostage…

Until that day when my IT came to me and introduced me to MailChimp, a revolutionary tool according to him that would help me a lot and that I would love!

It was the very first years of MailChimp, some 7/8 years ago… And since that day, I have never been stopping using it, no matter the projects I was working on, the company I was working for and the sector I was working in.

But why MailChimp? Are you going to ask me.

Everybody is talking about this website. What is the fuzz around it? Why is it so famous?

Well let me explain why I work with MailChimp and why I recommend it to every person I can meet.

  • Reason #1: MailChimp is free.

Yes MailChimp is free. Of course, depending on your needs, you can always upgrade to a paid version.

  • Reason #2: MailChimp allows you to send up to 12,000 mails to maximum 2,000 emails per month, FREE OF CHARGE.

Yes, you read well: 12,000 mails to 2,000 contacts per month free of charge. Far enough when you are an individual entrepreneur or a young start up.

  • Reason #3: MailChimp is easy to use. You don’t need to know coding.

Just upload your list of contacts, choose amongst the numerous template possibilities offered in MailChimp and start personalising them thanks to a drag and drop system.

You can add videos, texts, images, links, buttons, social medias.

  • Reason #4: MailChimp enables you to create professional looking mailing campaigns.

You can add your logo, your colors, everything that will visually remind your brand to your recipients. And you will look pro.

  • Reason #5: MailChimp is mobile friendly.

When preparing your mailing campaign, MailChimp will automatically prepare the mobile version. No need for you to intervene.

  • Reason #6: MailChimp enables personalisation and automation.

Wanna send a newsletter addressed personally to your recipient with his/her name?

Or wanna send offers according to his/her behaviours? Or special offers? Or birthday cards? MailChimp is here for you!

  • Reason #7: You can create MailChimp subscription list and add it to your website and Facebook page to make your audience directly subscribing from these places.

A good way to increase your subscribers list with everything done by MailChimp. No need to do several manipulations from different documents.

  • Reason #8: You can integrate MailChimp to your online shop.

And follow your clients’ orders to prepare them dedicated offers.

  • Reason #9: You can analyse your campaigns performances and link them with your Google Analytics.

See how much traffic a campaign brought to your website. Analyse the opening rates and clicks rate of each campaign. See who are the people who opened the most your campaign or those who unsubscribed from your mailing list. MailChimp has a little Big Brother side sometimes…

  • Reason #10: MailChimp is not just for your newsletters…

But you can use MailChimp for any kind of mailing campaigns you want to send. And now you can also synchronise your Google, Facebook and Instagram ads with MailChimp.

Because of all these reasons, MailChimp is, according to me, the best mailing tool to use when you are a young entrepreneur without budget.

Now, just try it! Create your account and start creating beautiful mailings for your diffusion list! And share with me your experiences :)

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