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My Fashion Stories Box Podcast Top 5 episodes, August 2021 edition

Dear fashion stories lovers, it’s celebration time for My Fashion Stories Box Podcast! Launched in February 2021, and after 6 months of life, I thought it was time for the first My Fashion Stories Box Podcast’s “TOP 5”. Let’s dive into your 5 favorite episodes.

My Fashion Stories Box Podcast TOP 5

  • 1st place: Fashion Stories in Ancient Egypt

It seems that I am not the only Ancient Egypt passionate person over there. Fashion Stories in Ancient Egypt was the 1st episode of the podcast and the one you plebiscited. How couldn’t it be would you ask me? Ancient Egypt has been a fascination for generations of people, Napoleon included, who tried to pierce its mysteries.

This episode also has its dedicated post on My Blog Box.

(Re) read the post and (re) listen to the podcast to (re) discover how Ancient Egyptians used to dress. It might give you some ideas on how to dress this Summer to cope with hot weather :)

  • 2nd place: Fashions Stories - A short story of fast fashion (from the Industrial Revolution to the 60s, 80s and 90s onwards)

It came to me as a pleasant surprise to see this episode making it in the first TOP 5 of the podcast.

Indeed, understanding the origins of our fashion consumption patterns will help us to change them. And, it seems, I am not alone to be interested in that topic.

From the Industrial Revolution to the 60s, 80s and 90s onwards, this episode sums up the rise of capitalism and consumerist society and how it accelerated after the 2nd World War.

(Re) listen to the episode and stay tuned on the topic by following accounts as Fashion Revolution or Slow Factory, a very interesting source on slow fashion I happened to discover this year.

  • 3rd place: Fashion Stories in Ancient Greece

The Antiquity period has the honours in this My Fashion Stories Box TOP 5! After Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece was the third episode you favored, and the second one dedicated to Ancient civilisations.

The birthplace of philosophy and democracy keeps its influence over our modern and Western way of thinking. And not only. Just look at the Olympic Games which are still organised today and gather countries around the world around sports and fair play.

To come back to fashion, the Ancient Greek statues heavily influenced many trends over the centuries. Just look at the Empire dresses worn at the beginning of the 19th century. And, if you don’t see what I mean, then (re) watch the Netflix series “Brigderton” and you will have examples of these famous Empire dresses inspired by Ancient Greece.

This episode has also a dedicated post on My Blog Box. And you can (re) listen to it in your favorite podcasts’ platform.

  • 4th place: Fashion Stories and the striped Breton mariniere

A timeless fashion piece and icon, the striped top is part of every fashionista’s wardrobe, but not only, and has been a fave of personalities as Coco Chanel, Salvatore Dali or Audrey Hepburn. Not to forget the designer Jean-Paul Gauthier who took this item as his signature style.

In this episode, you learnt about the origins of the striped mariniere, the meaning of stripes and how it became not just a part of the Navy uniform but also a piece of clothing associated with the popular classes.

(Re) listen to the episode and don’t forget to have a look on my Instagram page for a visual diary :)

  • 5th place: Fashion Stories at the AW 2021/22 Istanbul Fashion Week

Writing this episode and the corresponding blogpost was a personal challenge to me and I am so glad you liked it!

For already some years I have been willing to do an analysis of Istanbul Fashion Week’s shows. And, the online format adopted since the beginning of the pandemic, made it easier. Though I missed the atmosphere of live catwalks.

Trying to spot historical references in all the shows was a lot of fun, even though it led to watch the videos an incredible number of time!

In terms of research, this is the episode that took me the longest time: more than two weeks...

Head up to your favorite podcast streaming platform to (re) listen to the episode and have a look at My Blog Box for a detailed visual diary. For those looking for more succinct information, a short version of the visual diary is also available on my Instagram page.

  • 5th place (bis): Fashion Stories and The First Designer of History was a woman

The episode dedicated to Rose Bertin, Marie-Antoinette’s designer, arrived at the same place as the one dedicated to Istanbul Fashion Week.

It was important for me to dedicate an episode to this woman who, starting from a low background, managed to do a career in the highest social sphere of her time.

Rose Bertin was the one who dictated fashion in Europe before the French Revolution and her influence can’t be denied.

I’m happy her destiny also catched your attention and that her name is now better known to you.

(Re) listen to the episode and head up to my Instagram for a visual diary dedicated to Rose Bertin, the first designer in History.

And this is the end of My Fashion Stories Box’s first TOP 5!

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you all the gratitude I have for the welcome you did to my podcast.

Thank you to all the people who sent me sweet messages or commented on my posts. It really encouraged me and showed me that there was an interest for fashion history.

I am not an academician, not yet, on that field. But I really enjoy preparing each episode for you and sharing my passion for fashion and history with you!

So stay tuned for the new program of My Fashion Stories Box Podcast starting September 2021 and for some news too :)

Do you have a particular fashion style you like? Or maybe a period of time you would like me to analyze on a future episode?

Don’t be shy! Feel free to share with me any of your ideas and/or suggestions for future episodes of My Fashion Stories Box Podcast.

I wish you all a great Summer. Take care of yourself. Chill, read and don’t forget to listen to My Fashion Stories Box Podcast, now available on all podcast streaming platforms.

See you in September for new episodes!

Cath @MyMarketingToolbox

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