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Who am I? Shall we get introduced?

A short introduction of Catherine by Catherine, the founder of My Marketing Toolbox and the host of My Fashion Stories Box Podcast.

A smiling me during my last evening in Istanbul with my neighbors in July 2021
A smiling me during my last evening in Istanbul with my neighbors in July 2021

Hello there! It’s been a while that you might see me through my Blog Box and my podcast and I thought it was time that I introduce myself properly.

I am Catherine, I am the founder of My Marketing Toolbox, the host of My Fashion Stories Box Podcast and the human of two cats, Popeye and Swee’Pea.

Popeye (on the left) and Swee'Pea (on the right)
Moments of complicity between the brother and the sister, Popeye (on the left) and Swee'Pea (on the right)

I have been living abroad for 14 years, 7 years in Moscow and 7 years in Istanbul and I just settled back to my homeland, France. Let’s see if I am going to stay 7 years before my next destination as it seems that my change cycle is 7 years!

I used to work as a marketing and communication manager, first in the audit and financial services and then in fashion and luxury, when, one day, I decided to become my own boss. It was quite a frightening decision but, at that time, the job I had wasn’t fulfilling enough and I wanted to create a job that looked like me, blending together all my passions.

This is how My Marketing Toolbox started, in the Summer 2017. My main goal was to share my knowledge and to help entrepreneurs to make their voices heard.

Of course, I wanted to do everything, to help everybody, to cover every topic. I did have my trials and errors period during which I was so desperate to have clients, that I would accept every project. That’s how, after some time, My Marketing Toolbox looked more like a virtual assistant than a provider of added-value and a magnifier for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be.

When the pandemic started and, as everybody in the world, I was forced to stay at home, I took some time to rework on what I really wanted to do with My Marketing Toolbox. I sensed that what I was doing wasn’t aligned anymore with what I wanted. Even the colors I chose when I started stopped reflecting what I wanted to tell and offer.

In the same time, I started my own podcast, My Fashion Stories Box, about fashion history. This was a topic I was teaching, and still am, at a fashion school in Istanbul, and I wanted to share my passion on that topic with a wider audience.

I enjoyed the process so much that, after some episodes, and while preparing my moving back to France as well as my cats’ one, I took the decision to offer to help other people launching and managing their own podcast.

This led me to completely review my services offer under a main red thread “Make Your Voice Heard and Tell Your Story!”.

I decided to focus on podcast launching, podcast management and individual marketing and communication coaching.

I niched down my offers and I had a clearer idea of the kind of impact I wanted to do with My Marketing Toolbox.

I also had a better understanding of the people I wanted to help making their voice heard and telling their stories: entrepreneurs in the fashion, artistic and cultural fields. Because these are the fields where I want to make an impact, to make changes and to use marketing and communication technics to help players in that field raise their voices.

I changed my logo, the colors (still keeping a hue of red which is my favorite color) and decided to add a touch of Art Deco (which is linked with my favorite decade, the 20s). The new visual identity I obtained is closer to the messages I want to spread: more feminine, passionate, ready for new challenges.

And I am indeed ready for all new challenges and projects!

Besides my business and my podcast, I love reading, traveling, going to exhibitions and meeting new people. I like alterning slow moments with fast paced ones, something I can do by living in the countryside and going regularly to Paris where I teach in a fashion school.

I draw a bit, one of my dearest dream being of drawing comics and doing animation movies. I teach in a fashion school and I try to be active in the associative life of my town. I play the flute in a musical group and I have just been appointed in the Board of Directors of a local association preserving the history and patrimony of the town where I live with my parents.

I speak 4 languages, French, English, Russian and Turkish, and I am planning to learn Italian as well as Japanese. And my next big project will be to work on fashion in the countryside until the 2nd World War. It’s still a brand new project and I will redefine it in the coming months. So stay tuned :)

Then, I am here for you! Apply to work with me by filling in the questionnaire corresponding to your situation at this link and I will get back to you to see how to make your voice heard and tell your story.

Nice to e-meet you and I am looking forward to discuss with you very soon!

Cath @MyMarketingToolbox

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